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Types of Secondary Storage

SECONDARY MEMORY Secondary memory or storage is the non – volatile memory that stored externally from the computer. A secondary – storage medium is usually used for the storage of large amount of data or for permanent or long – time storage of data or programs. It is also used for storing backups. Secondary storage media can be ranked according to the following: (i)   Retrieval speed: This is the time it takes to locate and retrieve the stored data. (ii)   Size / Storage capacity: This is the ability to store data. Large storage capacity is always desired (iii) Cost per bit of capacity:  Low cost is preferred TYPES OF SECONDARY MEMORY (i)    Magnetic Disk: This is a Mylar or metallic platter on which electronic data are stored. The data are recorded as tiny invisible magnetic spots on its iron oxide coating. The access time for data stored on a magnetic disk is determined… Read More »Types of Secondary Storage

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