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CHARACTERISTICS OF LIVING THINGS Everything in nature can be classified into two groups: living and non -living things. The living things can be distinguished from their nonliving counterparts through the following characteristics observable in all living things: MOVEMENT: Animals can move from place to place on their own in search of food. Higher plants move certain parts of their body in response to growth or external stimuli   RESPIRATION: In order to perform the numerous life processes, living things need much energy. The energy can only be obtained when the organism respires. Therefore, respiration is the oxidation of food substances in the presence of oxygen to produce energy with carbon (iv) oxide and water released as by products.   NUTRITION: The act of feeding is called nutrition. All organisms need food to carry out their biological activities. Green plants can manufacture their food. Hence, they are autotrophs  while animals are… Read More »LIVING THINGS AND NON LIVING THINGS

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