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Meaning of Sewage and Refuse



Sewage Sewage is the liquid wastes from domestic, industrials and commercial effluents. It is the mixture of waste from human body and used water that is carried out of houses by sewers. It carries bacteria which can cause diseases such as cholera typhoid, dysentery. Sewage disposal- is the way and manner of getting rid of liquid wastes Refuse Refuse can be defined as all solid wastes in the house such as pieces of paper, leaves, garbage, ashes, rubbish and dead animals. It can also be defined as unwanted, discarded, non-liquid materials emanating from various activities of human. Refuse disposal- is the way and manner of getting rid of solid wastes. Refuse should be properly disposed of to prevent the spread of infections and health hazards in the society.               METHOD OF REFUSE DISPOSAL There are many methods of refuse disposal. These are the followings Open dumps: This is the case… Read More »MEANING OF SEWAGE AND REFUSE



Meaning of Sewage and Refuse Refuse refers to all solid wastes such as pieces of paper leaves, garbage, ashes and dead animals while sewage refers to liquid wastes such as urine, kitchen wastes or water from laundry. Types of Sewage There are basically three types of sewage, namely: Domestic Sewage Industrial Sewage Storm Sewage Methods of Sewage Disposal Open dump Water system VIP latrine – Ventilated Improved Pit latrine Bucket latrine Pit-hole latrine Methods of Refuse Disposal Open dump Advantage: It is cheap to water system Composting Advantage: Decomposed materials (without toxic materials) may serve as fertilizers Disadvantage: Turning may be laborious and odour offensive Incineration There are modern and local ones and are of different types. Advantage: Local technology can be used Disadvantages: If not properly managed surrounding air may be polluted Sanitary land fills: An excavated or land depression area is needed wherein refuse gabage are thrown and… Read More »SEWAGE AND REFUSAL DISPOSAL

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