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MEANING OF TIE-DYE Tie-dye is a textile craft in which areas of fabric not intended to be dyed is tied tightly with raffia to resist penetration the moment fabric is dipped into a dye solution. MATERIALS AND TOOLS Materials include: Dye stuff Raffia Rubber gloves Hydrosulphite Caustic soda White cotton fabric Salt Water   Tools include: Bucket Pot and kettle Stick Scissors   TYPES OF DYEING METHODS Squirting Splashing Dipping  TYPES OF TYING MEHODS Twisting method Circle tying method Marbling method Knotting method Pleating method Stitching method Clumb tying method   EVALUATION Define tie-dye. List two dyeing methods and two tying methods respectively.   GENERAL EVALUATION/REVISION QUESTION State five functions of drama. Define tragedy and comedy respectively. What stage fright in drama? What is costume? Define playwright.   WEEKEND ASSIGNMENT Which of the following is a resist material in tie and dye? (a) Raffia (b) Wax(c) Fabric (d) Rubber gloves… Read More »TIE-DYE



MEANING OF MOSAIC Mosaic is a picture or pattern produced by arranging and sticking small pieces of stone, glass, tile etc., unto a support.Mosaic is also a picture or decoration made of small,usually coloured pieces of inlaid stone,glassetc. Mosaic is an ancient form of painting, basically in pictorial forms.   MATERIALS AND TOOLS The materials include: Bits of coloured glass or broken bottles. Strong adhesive or glue Pieces of coloured tiles Pieces of coloured tiles Flat plywood Coloured pictures cut from magazine. Cardboard Beads Sequins Bottle tops Cartridge paper Old newspaper Pencil or pen   TOOLS: The tools include hammer,knife,scissors, and cutter knife.   EVALUATION Define mosaic. State any two mosaic materials and tools respectively.   METHODS Step 1 Get the required materials for mosaic production. Step 2 Mount and stick the cardboard unto the plywood using glue. Step 3 Sketch the picture on the background support. Step 4 Apply… Read More »MOSAIC

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