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Some diseases are caused by lack of or shortage of specific nutrients in the meals we take, when this happens one begins to show signs of health imbalance. When a diseases is caused due to excess or lack of specific nutrient, the diseases are called malnutrition. To correct this, an intake of the nutrient which is lacking should be increased. Therefore malnutrition means imbalance of nutrient intake due to the consumption of too little or too much of one or many nutrients. There are two types of malnutrition: Under nutrition which is a condition resulting from an inadequate intake of food or poor utilization of nutrients in food; while over nutrition means excessive intake of one or more of the to the detriment of the proper functioning in the body system. Kwashiorkor: It is mostly common in children it is caused largely by lack of protein in the diet. Symptoms:… Read More »DIETARY DEFICIENCY

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What is Marasmus?. Marasmus is a deficiency disorder that is caused by total starvation over a period of time. It can also be referred to as protein energy malnutrition caused by lack of all nutrients. Marasmus is caused by total starvation, that is, lack of all nutrients.   Extreme loss of weight. The person is skinny and may weigh half of the expected weight. Hair may appear normal, but the head will look big in comparison to the rest of the body. Eyes protrude and the person is generally alert or anxious. The ribs can be clearly seen. A child looks like an elderly person because the face is wrinkled. There is no fat under the skin especially around the upper part of the arms, thighs, buttocks and belly which are wrinkled. Eat adequate balanced meals. Ensure hygienic conditions so as to prevent worm infestation.   See also: KWASHIORKOR NUTRITION… Read More »MARASMUS

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