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COMPUTER ROOM: A computer room is a place where computers and other computer devices are kept for use by students or people. A computer room is a place which provides computer services to students who attend the institution on for use in curricular computer classes. A computer room is a place where computers are kept for use. Computer need a room will ventilated and conductive for optimum performance. Computer Room Structure There are two common arrangements for computers in computer rooms. There are: School arrangement Business/Company arrangement The school arrangement of computers in the computer room is the one which allows for free movement students within the class. Each student has a computer to himself, though more than one student may share a computer if need be. EVALUATION What is a computer room Mention two common computer arrangement of computer Sketch typical school arrangement of computer.   See also BASIC… Read More »COMPUTER ROOM AND MANAGEMENT ETHICS

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Conflict resolution is the various process involved in the settlement of dispute, disagreement or conflict between people, groups or nations. Disagreement is part of human interaction. The challenge however is when such disagreement arises, how can it be managed or resolved.   NONVIOLENT METHODS OF CONFLICT RESOLUTION Dialogue: This has to do with discussions between the various parties involved in the conflict. It is expected that at the end of the discussion the parties involved will come together and allow for peace. Recently, the federal government entered into dialogue with Boko Haram in the North East and Niger Delta Avengers in the South-South in order to restore peace in the regions. Mediation: This is the process whereby a neutral third-party facilitates reconciliation and agreement between people or groups who are aggrieved. The third-party must be unbiased in the process of settlement to ensure a lasting peace between the parties involved.… Read More »MANAGEMENT AND RESOLUTION OF CONFLICTS

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