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MUTATIONS What is mutations? Mutations are sudden changes in the genotype that are inherited. Mutations are rare in nature and mutated genes are usually recessive to the normal (wild type) genes. Most mutations are generally harmful and some are lethal. A somatic mutation is a genetic change in somatic cells. Somatic mutations are only inherited if asexual reproduction takes place e.g. as in plants and unicellular animals. A gene mutation is a change in genes of reproductive cells and is always inherited. The resultant individual is called a mutant. The mutant has different characteristics from the rest of the population. Types of Mutations Chromosomal mutations – are changes in number or structure of chromosomes. Gene mutations – also called point mutations – are changes in the chemical nature of the gene.   Mutagens: These are agents that cause mutations. They include ultra-violet light, Gamma rays, x-rays and cosmic rays. Certain… Read More »MUTATIONS

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