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Importance of Meal Planning

Catering, Home economics, Home management


What is Meal planning and management? Meal planning and management refers to the process of determining the foods to be prepared, cooked and presented to the family in order to meet its nutritional needs using the available resources.   Importance of Meal Planning It ensures that: Meals are served and presented attractively. Meals are balanced to meet the nutritional needs of the family members. Meals are enough in quantity to satisfy the individual. Meal times are enjoyable. Meal planning and presentation After preparation and cooking, food needs to be served and presented at the dining table. The art of food presentation is an important skill to a meal planner.   Special groups of people When planning meals for special groups of people, it is important to know their nutritional needs in order to meet them. Some special groups of people include: Children, adolescents, the elderly, expectant and lactating mothers, invalids… Read More »MEAL PLANNING AND MANAGEMENT

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