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Images formed by thin lenses



What is a Len?.  A lens is conventionally defined as a piece of glass which is used to focus or change the direction of a beam of light passing through it. They are mainly made of glass or plastic. Lens are used in making spectacles, cameras, cinema projectors, microscopes and telescopes.   Types of thin lenses. A lens which is thicker at its centre than at its edges converges light and is called convex or converging lens. A lens which is thicker at its edges than at its centre diverges light and is known as concave or diverging lens.   Properties of lenses. Optical centre– this is the geometric centre of a lens which is usually shown using a black dot in ray diagrams. A ray travelling through the optical centre passes through in a straight line. Centre of curvature– this is the geometric centre of the circle of which the… Read More »THIN LENCES

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