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ICT Application

Data Processing (secondary)


ICT has turned this world to a global village. Apart from communication, that is, reaching people both far and near; it has also made the work easier and better. Better productivity, salaries, health care and even farming and education. SECTORS WHERE ICT HAS PLAYED MAJOR ROLE Education Banking Industry Commerce EDUCATION ICT is applied in the education sector in the following ways: Research for teaching materials, online conference etc. ICT or computers are used as a reference tools. ICT or computer is used by the researchers to collect and process data. Computers are used as administrative tools. ICT offers interactive learning. BANKING SECTOR Banks use computers to control the entire banking system. On-line transactions by customers are possible 24 hour. Accessing company account by businessmen On-line. Supervision of banking activities by bank administrators. INDUSTRY Computers are used to facilitate production planning and control system. Automation in the production of goods.… Read More »ICT APPLICATION IN EVERYDAY LIFE



APPLICATION OF ICT IN THE SOCIETY Application Areas of ICT ICT in Everyday Life.  ICT is an acronym which stands for Information and Communication Technology. It is defined as set of technological tools and resources used to communicate, create, disseminate, store and manage information. The technologies include computer, the internet, broadcasting technologies (radio and television), satellite and telephony.     Uses of ICT Information and Communication Technology (ICT) is also a term used to define a wide-range of technologies used for transmitting, receiving, storing, processing, analyzing, retrieving and getting of information. Some of the uses of ICT are: Access and interaction with web applications Online banking and commerce Online training Researches and access to a wealth of information and news It is used to engage in entertaining activities such as planning vacations, playing online game, listening to music, watching and editing video, reading online books and magazines. For downloading music… Read More »APPLICATION OF ICT IN THE SOCIETY

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