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PLANTS – RECEPTION, RESPONSE AND CO-ORDINATION   Introduction The structures involved in detecting the changes may be located far away from the ones that respond. There is need for a communication system within the body. The nervous system and the endocrine system perform this function, i.e. linking the parts of the body that detect changes to those that respond to them.   Irritability Living organisms are capable of detecting changes in their internal and external environments and responding to these changes in appropriate ways. This characteristic is called irritability, and is of great survival value to the organism. Stimuli A stimulus is a change in the internal or external environment to which an organism responds. Examples of stimuli include light, heat, sound, chemicals, pH, water, food, oxygen and other organisms A response is any change shown by an organism in reaction to a stimulus. The response involves movements of the… Read More »PLANTS – RECEPTION, RESPONSE AND CO-ORDINATION

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