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Growth is defined as an irreversible increase in volume, size, and number of parts, length and weight of                an organism It is an organic process which takes sometimes to accomplish. The three processes involve in growth are Cell division:- is a process by which cell increases in number and is achieved by cell division called mitosis. The synthesis of new protoplasm leading to the doubling of the chromosomes number in a process called replication before cell actually divide into two, with each daughter cell having the same chromosome as parent cell. Cell enlargement:- This is a process after cell division in which the daughter cell absorb nutrients from their surrounding which it uses to increase in mass and size. Part of the nutrient is used to generate energy while the remaining is assimilated resulting in enlargement of the cells. Cell differentiation– This process takes place after cell enlargement in which… Read More »GROWTH



SEED GERMINATION CONDITIONS, CONDITIONS NECESSARY FOR GERMINATION What are the conditions necessary for seed germination? Seeds can easily be destroyed by unfavourable conditions such as excessive heat, cold or animals. Seeds need certain conditions to germinate and grow. Some of these conditions are external, for example water, oxygen and suitable temperature while others are internal such as enzymes, hormones and viability of the seeds themselves.   Water A non-germinating seed contains very little water. Without water a seed cannot germinate. Water activates the enzymes and provides the medium for enzymes to act and break down the stored food into soluble form. Water hydrolyses and dissolves the food materials and is also the medium of transport of dissolved food substances through the various cells to the growing region of the radical and plumule. Besides, water softens the seed coat which can subsequently burst and facilitate the emergence of the radicle.  … Read More »SEED GERMINATION CONDITIONS

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