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CCA (secondary school)


Honesty is the human quality of being straight forward and truthful in words action. The society through leaders who value honesty honour people such as a honest person can be trusted because he will always speak the truth. According to Wikipedia encyclopaedia honesty is the human quality of community and acting truthfully.                         ATTRIBUTES OF HONESTY Truthfulness : if a person is ho nest it means been always truthful in any situation and in all his communication. He will tell the truth even if he is to be punished or hurt. He is straight forward and blunt. Godliness: Honesty cannot be divorced from godliness. Honest people fear only God. It is the fear of God that makes a child report himself to the school authority when he destroys schools property and nobody knows about it. Loyalty : A honest person is ever loyal to his beliefs and country Reliability:… Read More »TYPES OF VALUES 2 (Honesty)

Social Studies


Honesty is defined as the quality of being truthful or the act of being straight forward. Attributes/Qualities of honesty Truth: an honest person does not lie, he is never biased in his discussions. Respect: an honest person respects the opinion of other people. Reliability: an honest person is dependable Obedience: an obedient person is faithful and cannot deviate from the truth. Most obedient people are honest. Hard work: honest people are hard working. They do not believe in malpractices, cheating, bribery and corruption Friendship: honest people have many friends and well-wishers.   Benefits of honesty Favour: honest people easily get favour and assistance from other people than dishonest people. Responsibility: an honest person can and would be given a position of responsibility than a dishonest person. Defence: an honest person can be defended when attacked by people of eicked intentions. Patronage: an honest person in business can easily be patronized… Read More »HONESTY

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