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    Step 1: Program Specification   Program development can be divided into several stages which are shown in the diagram below   Step 2: Program Design Step 6: Program Maintenance Step 4: Program Test Step 3: Program Code Step 5: Program Documentation  1.       Problem Definition This stage is the formal definition of task. It includes the specification of inputs and outputs  processing requirements, system constraints( execution time, accuracy, response time), and error handling method   2.       Problem Analysis This step is the process of becoming familiar with the problem that will be solved with a computer program. The process ends when all the programmers’ questions have been resolved and requirement of the program are understood.   3.       Flowcharting Ones the overall problem has been identified, the next stage of software development is program design. The programmer must decide, prior to writing his program, exactly which steps should the computer… Read More »PROGRAM DEVELOPMENT II

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