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Poetry refers in totality to the deployment of certain devices such as figure as figures of speech (emotion), rhyme and rhythm, stanzaic divisions, metre, subject matter in a body of words in order to express an idea.   FEATURES Imagery: this refers to the selective and effective use of words to create pictorial impression in the imagination of the reader. Stanza: It is a collection of verses to form a section of the poem Rhythm: It is the measured flow of words and phrases in poetry. Rhyme: It is the sameness of sounds between words in poetry.   EVALUATION Write a poem, using the listed features   WEEKEND ASSIGNMENT:  Effective English, book 1. Page 133. Practice. Write a letter of complaints to your school authority   See also TENSES SPEECH WORK FORMAL LETTER ADVERBS

Civic Education


NATIONAL UNITY (FEATURES AND BENEFITS) National unity is the desire of the citizens of a country to promote peace and stability (common interest) in them country.   Factors that Promote National Unity There must be peace in the country There must be security in the country There must be good government in power The economy of the country must be strong There must be constant public enlightenment programmes that will promote national unity. All Nigerians/Every ethnic group must agree together to promote unity (common interest) and not ethnic interest/differences. The rule of law and constitutionalism must be respected by the people and government. All Citizens must develop the spirit of patriotism to their government and country. There must be religious tolerance There must be promotion of discipline and the reward for hard work.   Characteristics of a United Society There must be social cohesion and cooperation. All interest are geared… Read More »NATIONAL UNITY (FEATURES AND BENEFITS)

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