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COMPUTER OUTPUT DEVICES AN OUTPUT DEVICES An output device is a device that provides the result of data processing to the user. All output devices are grouped into a single unit of the computer hardware called OUTPUT UNIT. Examples of Output Devices are; Monitor ( also called Visual Display Unit-VDU) Printer Graph plotter Speaker Multimedia Projector.   FEATURES OF MONITOR A Monitor produces softcopy output (i.e. output that can be viewed on theits screen) It has three parts, which are; Power cable with which it connects to the power source. Signal cable with which it connects to the system unit. Its body (i.e. the screen and the internal parts.   TYPES OF MONITOR A Monitor can be of two types; Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) OR Thin Film Transistor (TFT). Cathode Ray Tube (CRT)   HOW TO POWER THE MONITOR Connect the rubber end of the power cable to the monitor… Read More »COMPUTER OUTPUT DEVICES

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