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Family Life

Social Studies


Family life education is the kind of education that provides instruction and information that helps to reduce social problems in order to enhance family social wellbeing. It is the education that helps members of the family to understand their roles, work together as a team for the progress and peaceful coexistence of the family.   Family life education provides the information for the physical, mental, emotional, psychological and economic development of the family. It creates cultural foundation for the children on interpersonal relationships, adulthood including sexuality and reproduction. The major core messages in family life education are societal values, customs and beliefs, gender issues, family size, family welfare and parenting.   IMPORTANCE OF FAMILY LIFE EDUCATION It prepares the family to deal with challenges that may arise in the home. It helps children to develop into responsible adults. It enhances interpersonal relationships in the society. It helps to promote peace… Read More »FAMILY LIFE EDUCATION

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