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CONSEQUENCES OF USING FAKE AND ADULTERATED GOODS MEANING OF FAKE AND ADULTERATED GOODS Fake and adulterated goods are goods or products made with the intention to be sold as original and often mixed with materials of inferior and harmful quality.Due to adulteration, drink or food is not pure and not safe for human consumption.   FAKE AND ADULTERATED GOODS They include: Alcoholic drinks and non-alcoholic malt drinks Processed can foods like can milk Medicines CDS ,DVDS and audio tapes Perfumes and cosmetics Vehicle spare parts Computer software like games Designer labeled clothes Watches   REASONS WHY PEOPLE MAKE FAKE AND ADULTERATED GOODS Lack of patriotism Greed Lack of morals Lack of stiff penalties Disloyalty (Lack of integrity)   EVALUATION Define fake and adulterated goods. (i) Mention two goods that can be faked. State two reasons why people engage in the production of fake and adulterated goods.   GENERAL EVALUATION/REVISION QUESTION… Read More »ITEMS OF MAKE-UP

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