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ACHIEVEMENTS AND FAILURES OF KING SOLOMON (1 KING 3 – 12)   After David died, his son Solomon became the next king. Kingship in Israel was hereditary. Solomon was chosen by David to be his successor. He took over from David at a time of peace and security established by David.   Achievements 1) He made Israel rich by establishing trade with other countries 2) He was a good trader and a successful merchant. He traded in copper, horses, timber, silver and gold. He established international trade with the neighboring countries. For example, he traded with Tyre in cedar and pine logs. 3) He established a well-equipped large army for Israel 4) He was a builder. He built a magnificent temple for God in line with God’s promise to David. He also constructed other cities (Megiddo) and a palace for himself. 5) He is remembered for his amazing administrative skills. He… Read More »ACHIEVEMENTS AND FAILURES OF KING SOLOMON

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