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Factors that Influence Negotiation

Social Studies

Negotiation II

Everyone negotiates. It is part of socializing, working, marriage etc. People need to negotiate in many situation of dealing with peer pressure, participating in a team game, when going on a date and when making sexual decisions.   Factors that Influence Negotiation Effective Communication Skills: – Negotiation is an intense process, involving exchange of messages. A good negotiator needs to have a good command over Language. Maintaining one’s self-esteem: Upholding one’s Values: – Trust and mutual confidence are very relevant in any process of negotiation. People who are known to be honest, sincere, steady and reliable have an edge when they enter the process of negotiation. Credibility as a value is essential in the sense that both the parties involved in negotiation must possess. Discussion: – Adequate and reliable information about the various issues involved is essential for ensuring the success of a negotiation exercise. Effective negotiation often involves hard… Read More »Negotiation II

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