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Factors that affect the choice of an occupation

Business Studies


OCCUPATION Occupation can be defined in different ways. For instance. Occupation can be defined as any economic activity in which a person is fully engage in order to earn a living. Whenever man does in order to earn a living. Occupation can be defined as a profession or anything that occupied one’s time in order to earn a living. It can also be defined as any legal work that people engage in to earn a living. There are several things people do to earn a living. However, some of them are not legal e.g. stealing and cybercrimes are illegal e.g. of legal occupations are carpentry, fishery, mining, doctor, tailoring, teaching, engineering etc.   Types of occupation There are basically three types of occupation. There are: Industrial occupation Commercial occupation Service/services occupation   Industrial Occupation: This refers to any form of work that involves the production of raw materials or transformation… Read More »OCCUPATION

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