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External features of Tilapia



SUPPORT AND MOVEMENT IN ANIMALS Necessity for support and movement in animals. Animals move from place to place: In search of food. To escape from predators. To escape from hostile environment. To look for mates and breeding grounds. The skeleton, which is a support structure, helps to maintain the shape of the body. Movement is effected by action of muscles that are attached to the skeleton.   Types and Functions of Skeletons Two main types will be considered. These are exoskeleton and endoskeleton. Exoskeleton Exoskeleton is hard outer covering of arthropods made up of mainly chitin. Which is secreted by epidermal cells and hardens on secretion? It is strengthened by addition of other substances e.g. tannins and proteins to become hard and rigid. On the joints such as those in the legs the exoskeleton is thin and flexible to allow for movement. Functions of Exoskeleton Provide support. Attachment of muscles… Read More »SUPPORT AND MOVEMENT IN ANIMALS

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