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Examples of Word Processors



What is Word Processor? This is the act of typing, editing and printing of textual or graphical information using a word processor. Word processor is a software package used on microcomputers with processing power that allow text editing and production of report and documents.   Text Document This is a written printed or online document that present data, inform of an article, letter, memorandum, report etc. Word processing can be performed either electronically or mechanically. Electronic word processing is the use of computer device. Mechanically running appropriate word processing software to process documents. Mechanical word processing is the use of typewriter in word processing.   Examples of Word Processors Microsoft word Word Craft Page Maker Word Pad Word Perfect Sun Star Office Multimate Professional Write UPS Word   Features of a Word Processor Word processors vary considerably but all word processors support the following basic features. Insert Text: This is… Read More »WORD PROCESSOR

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