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Agricultural Science


Farm tools are simple handy tools constructed by the farmer or local crafts men to carry out some basic farming operations. Farmers who grow crops and keep animals usually use some simple tools to help make their work easier and faster. EXAMPLES OF FARM TOOLS 1. Cutlass 2. Hoe 3. Bolt and nut 4. Shovel 5. Garden fork 6. Hand fork 7. Axe 8. Screw driver 9. Digger 10. Head pan 11. Spanner 12. Mallet 13. Budding knife 14. Plier 15. Harvesting knife 16. Crowbar 17. Sickle 18. Wheel barrow 19. Shear 20. Emasculator 21. Mattock 22. Hammer 23. Watering can 24. Chisel 25. Pruning saw 26. Secateurs 27. Rake 28. Hand trowel 29. Spade 30. Manure drag   PRACTICAL/PROJECT: GET A DRAWING BOOK TO DRAW ALL 30 OF THE HIGHLIGHTED FARM TOOLS, WRITE A SHORT NOTE TO DESCRIBE THEM, STATE WAY(S) OF MAINTAINING THEM AND STATE THEIR USE(S).  … Read More »SIMPLE FARM TOOLS

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