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examples of computer virus

Data Processing (secondary)


Computer virus is a software program written with malicious intentions. They are intentionally written by some software developer to cause severe damage for the computer, programs, and data files in which it found itself. A computer virus has the ability to replicates itself by changing other programs to include a copy of itself. Examples of computer viruses include: form, cascade, virus 101, phoenix, stimulate, involuntary, proud, disk killer, multi partite, flip, Trojan horse, sleeper, logic bombs, Alabama virus, Christmas virus, worm, data crime, Jerusalem virus, Barcelonia virus April1st virus etc. ┬áType of computer virus There are basically three ways in which virus will infect micro-computers: Boot sector Executable file viruses Document Boot sector virus: They affect hard drives and flash disks by making itselfavailable on the boot sector of the disk. Booting up from an infected flash disk can cause damage to the hard drive. Examples of boot sector viruses… Read More »COMPUTER VIRUS | TYPES, EXAMPLES, EFFECTS

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