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Example of drug

PHE (Primary Classes)


MEANING OF DRUG USE DRUGS are chemical or substances that changes the way our bodies work. Drug is used for medical purposes. When drug is swallowed, drugs are transported by blood to all part of the body. DRUG USE is obtaining appropriate drug in suitable duration and dosage as prescribed by a is also the use of drug to enhance recreational experience. Example of drug that can be prescribed by a doctor Penicillin Paracetamol Panadol Nivaquine Phensic Antepar Coflin Amoxil Ampicillin Ampiclox CONSEQUENCES OF USING DRUGS Drug are used for the following reasons: Treatment of injuries Curing sicknesses and diseases Control weight For birth control For relaxation Revive  our energy Aid digestion Treatment for the shortage of blood. PRESENTATION The Teacher revises the previous lesson. The Teacher introduces the topic. The Teacher explains the lessons. EVALUATIVE ACTIVITIES What are communicable diseases? List three examples of communicable diseases. What is non communicable… Read More »DRUG USE

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