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Examination Malpractice

Social Studies


Meaning of Contemporary Social Problems Contemporary issues and social problems are happenings or challenges that are currently affecting many people in the society. Social problems could be described as those social vices that came about as a result of urbanization, development of cities, increase in human population, interaction among people of different social background, different ethnic groups, contact with foreign cultures, use of electronic media, ICT, TV, internet services, prohibited literature etc. Contemporary Social Problems in Nigeria Among these social issues that have become problems are: Examination malpractice Cultism Terrorism HIV/AIDS Human trafficking Prostitution Drug abuse Ritual killing Area boys syndrome Militancy Political killings Rigging of elections Advance fees fraud (419) Examination Malpractice Examination malpractice is the term used to describe the various foul means employed by students and their helpers to pass examinations and get unmerited grades and results. Students engage in examination malpractice at every level of education… Read More »COMMON SOCIAL PROBLEMS IN NIGERIA

Social Studies


Social Issues and Problems Social problems are matters, vices or challenges which directly or indirectly affect many or all members of a society and are considered to the problems because of their effects on the society. They constitute nuisance to the members of the public. Social problems include: bribery and corruption, poverty, examination malpractices, crime, kidnapping, cultism, child abuse etc.   Examination Malpractice Is defined as any deliberate act of wrong doing/abuse in any form of the rules and regulation governing the conduct of examination (Internal or External Examination). It is a wrong or illegal behaviour exhibited by a person before, during and after the examination.   It is also the act of violating the rules and regulations of an examination body in order to succeed. It ranges from copying answers from a textbook or sheet of paper, buying of examination questions to getting another person to write an examination… Read More »SOCIAL ISSUES AND PROBLEMS

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