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What is Microsoft Power Point? Microsoft PowerPoint is a presentation program that is incorporated in Microsoft Office suite package. It offers word processing, outlining drawing, graphing and presentation management tools   Starting a presentation with Microsoft PowerPoint There are two ways of starting Microsoft PowerPoint Click on start button, choose All Programs and click PowerPoint Double click on the icon of PowerPoint document and PowerPoint opens with the document already loaded. A PowerPoint presentation consists of slide that can contain text, graphic, charts and other data types. When you load PowerPoint, you can start with a blank presentation or you can begin from a template or use the Auto Content Wizard. It is always advisable to start presentation with blank presentation because it is more flexible and enables one focus on the content first rather than the appearance. After choosing blank presentation Select layout from slide dialog box you can… Read More »MICROSOFT POWERPOINT



PRESENTATION PACKAGE – FULL EXPLANATION What is presentation package?  A presentation package is a software package used to display information in the form of a slide show. It provides the resources necessary to give a professional presentation for meetings, lectures, speeches or other similar situations. It enables graphic images to be inserted and manipulated in slide show.   Examples of presentation package Microsoft PowerPoint Lotus Freelance graphics Astound Gem draw Lotus Show Kingsoft Adobe Persuasion   Features of Presentation Package Creation of slides: slides titles are used to define the information on the slide as well as create a navigational outline for the presentation. Insertion of pictures: Pictures can be inserted into the presentation by using a layout into the presentation by using a layout with a picture place holder shape, pictures can also be used as background for presentation graphics. Insertion of video and audio: some presentation packages includes… Read More »PRESENTATION PACKAGE



FILE ORGANISATION File organisation refers to the way in which data is stored in a file and the methods by which it can be accessed. Database is stored as a collection of files. Each file is a sequence of records. A record is a sequence of fields. Data is usually stored in the form of records.   Records usually describe entities and their attributes e.g. an employee record represents an employee entity and each field value in the record specifies some attributes of that employee such as Name, Birth_date, salary etc. Organizing a file depends on what kind of file it happens to be.   A file in the simplest form can be a text file i.e. a file which is composed of ASCII (American Standard Code for Information Interchange Text). Files can be created as binary or executable types (containing elements other than plain text). File are keyed with… Read More »FILE ORGANISATION

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