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Ethics guiding sourcing chemicals

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ETHICS IN SOURCING CHEMICALS WHAT IS ETHICS IN SOURCING CHEMICALS? CHEMICALS Chemicals are essential components of our daily life. They are substance which are used for certain processes or tasks performed in the laboratory, workshop, home, industry and other place where work is done. Chemicals are very useful, but many of them are dangerous and can cause serious bodily harm if they are not used safely.   Meaning of Ethics Ethics are moral principles that govern a person’s behaviour bases on ideas about what is morally good and bad imbibes in people the right behaviour at all times.   Ethics guiding sourcing chemicals Several chemicals are legal chemicals while others are illegal chemicals. The legal chemicals are the common chemicals. Such as; drugs, soaps, detergents, powders, fuel (such as petrol, kerosene, diesel), perfumes, air freshener, salts, fertilizers, acids, insecticides, rat poisons, camphor, grease, lotion, body cream, etc. While illegal chemical… Read More »ETHICS IN SOURCING CHEMICALS

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