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Keyboarding is the act of manipulating a keyboard to produce information.. In other words, keyboarding is the utilization of a keyboard for typing and other computer functions. Keyboard exists both in typewriter and in computer. But in typewriting, keyboarding does not have to result in hard copy whereas typewriting usually does.   Keyboarding is used as communication tool to convey information to others. Before the Invention of typewriter, Man first recorded his ideas and messages on stone, then on leather, and later on paper which was much lighter than either stone or leather. The use of paper allowed man to send his thoughts to other people many kilometers away. The preparation of these messages, however, took a long time, even with the use of pen and paper. Then the typewriter was invented in 1829..   Typewriter is a machine which can print letters on papers by means of keys. When… Read More »INTRODUCTION TO KEYBOARDING

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