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CELL AND ITS ENVIRONMENT Environment/Nature and State of Matter Living cells are known to be surrounded by a watery environment. This may include: Fresh/salt water in which the unicellular organisms live, Intercellular fluid that bath the bodies of cells of higher animals.   The nature of states of matter makes diffusion and osmosis possible. Matter can be defined as any material that has mass and occupies space. It includes all the living and non-living things around us. Matter is also made up of tiny particles which may be molecules or irons and can exist in three forms; solid, liquid, and gas.   DIFFUSION Diffusion is the process by which molecules of substances move from a region of higher concentration to a region of lower concentration (through the medium of air or liquid) until equilibrium is reached. The difference in the concentration of the substances in the two regions before diffusion… Read More »CELL AND ITS ENVIRONMENT

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Environment is the totality of our surroundings. Both man and the resources he depends on are all found in the environment. Our environment is made up of both physical and social surroundings. Types of environment Physical environment Social environment The physical environment refers to the things that surrounds us, it is made up of both natural and man-made objects around us that we can see, feel and touch. The Natural Environment: These are things provided by nature e.g. mountains, hills, rivers, lakes, island, temperature, wind, cloud, valleys, etc. Man Made Things: There are things that are made by man e.g. houses, motor cars, bridges, road, furniture, electricity etc.   Features of the physical and social environment Weather: This is the atmospheric condition of a place at a particular time which changes daily. Highland and lowland: Highlands are parts of the earth’s surface which is high above the ground level. Lowlands… Read More »PEOPLE AND THEIR ENVIRONMENT

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What is environment?.  The surrounding, in which we live in, is known as the environment. It is important to keep our surroundings clean so as to prevent illnesses and the spread of diseases.   Free drainage What is free drainage?. It is a method of disposing water anywhere in the compound.   Open Drainage What is open drainage?. It is a method of disposing water by directing it into gutters or a simple trench dug on the ground. The trench can also be well constructed with materials such as cement, plastic or metal.   An Open Drain Concealed drainage In this type of drainage, water is drawn away from the house through pipes and covered drains.   Definition of Drainage What is drainage?. Drainage is the removal of water from houses and buildings such as rain water and waste water. Stagnant water around houses and buildings is a health hazard.… Read More »ENVIRONMENT

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