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Energy is defined as “capacity for doing work”. Energy is needed for all activities that are performed by the muscles when stimulated by the nervous system. Contraction of the muscles causes movements around the joints. These movements when properly coordinated result in some types of skill performance such as jumping, kicking, clapping, running, throwing, dancing, etc.                                    FORMS OF ENERGY Chemical energy Sound energy Potential energy Kinetic energy Electric energy Light energy Solar energy   Chemical energy:-This is stored in fuel and foods. The main source of chemical energy for athletes are obtained from three major classes of food. They are Carbohydrates Fats and oil Proteins Carbohydrate are digested into glucose Fats and oil are digested into fatty acid and glycerol Proteins are digested into amino acid Sound energy:-It enables to hear sounds of… Read More »ENERGY

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Energy is the amount of force or power when applied can move one object from one position to another or Energy defines the capacity of a system to do work. Energy exists in everybody whether they are human beings or animals or non living things for e.g.: Jet, Light, Machines etc.   SOURCES OF ENERGY Solar Energy: Solar power harvests the energy of the sun through using collector panels to create conditions that can then be turned into a kind of power. Large solar panel fields are often used in desert to gather enough power to charge small substations, and many homes use solar systems to provide for hot water, cooling and supplement their electricity. The issue with solar is that while there is plentiful amounts of sun available, only certain geographical ranges of the world get enough of the direct power of the sun for long enough to generate… Read More »ENERGY



Energy This is the ability to do work. Forms of energy. Chemical energy: – this is found in foods, oils charcoal firewood etc. Mechanical energy:– there are two types; Potential energy – a body possesses potential energy due to its relative position or state Kinetic energy – energy possessed by a body due to its motion i.e. wind, water iii. Wave energy – wave energy may be produced by vibrating objects or particles i.e. light, sound or tidal waves. Electrical energy – this is energy formed by conversion of other forms of energy i.e. generators.   Transformation and conservation of energy Any device that facilitates energy transformations is called transducer. Energy can be transformed from one form to another i.e. mechanical – electrical – heat energy. The law of conservation of energy states that “energy cannot be created or destroyed; it can only be transformed from one form to another”.  … Read More »ENERGY, WORK, POWER AND MACHINES

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