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Energy losses in a transformer



Electromagnetism is the effect resulting from the interaction between an electric current and a magnetic field. This effect brings about induced electromagnetic force (e.m.f) and the resulting current is called induced current.   Experiments on electromagnetic induction When the wire is moved up the galvanometer deflects in one direction then the opposite direction when moved downwards. When moved horizontally or held in a fixed position there is no deflection in the galvanometer. This shows that e.m.f is induced due to the relative motion of the wire or the magnet.   Factors affecting the magnitude of the induced e.m.f The rate of relative motion between the conductor and the field – if the velocity of the conductor is increased the deflection in the conductor increases. The strength of the magnetic field– a stronger magnetic field creates a bigger deflection The length of the conductor– if the length is increased in the magnetic… Read More »ELECTROMAGNETIC INDUCTION

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