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EMPLOYER / EMPLOYEE RELATIONSHIP  DUTIES OF THE EMPLOYER To pay wages – i.e. enumeration To provide work which the employee will handle To give holidays to the employee Duty to take reasonable care for his employee’s safety Indemnity – The employee must reimburse the employee for any expense / loss incurred on behalf of the employee. Duty to provide the employee with necessary tools to work with Duty to accept responsibility for any personal injuries sustained by the employee in the course of performing his duties   DUTIES OF THE EMPLOYEE Duty of care and diligence: Duty to act reasonably or to perform his duties in a reasonable manner Personal service Obedience Secrecy – duty not to divulge the employer’s confidential information to third parties Good faith – The employee must not allow his interest to conflict with his duties Duty not to make secret profit   RIGHTS OF EMPLOYER… Read More »EMPLOYER / EMPLOYEE RELATIONSHIP

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