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Emotional Needs

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Needs of the Sick at Home The sick at home have various needs such as: Physical needs Nutritional needs Emotional needs Social needs Spiritual needs   Physical Needs The physical needs of the sick at home may be met by ensuring the following: Clean room, clean clothes and body, clean bedding Well ventilated room Appropriate furniture Physical exercises Administering drugs as prescribed by the doctor Changing position for a bed ridden patient to avoid bed sores   Nutritional Needs The patient should be provided with a balanced diet. This includes: Plenty of proteins Plenty of vegetables and fruits Small amounts of carbohydrates Little or no fats A lot of fluids   Emotional Needs This is giving hope and encouragement to the patient. This can be shown through; hugging; giving flowers, gifts, cards; counseling; and engaging them in conversation. Social Needs Sick people feel lonely and would appreciate the company of… Read More »SICK AT HOME

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