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Data Processing is the process of producing meaningful information from raw data.  It describes the series of actions taken to produce useful information by collecting all items of data together and performing operations on them.  The aim of data processing is to convert raw data into information. Data: Data represent the raw unprocessed input element introduced into a system from which useful information is extracted.  Data is used to describe the facts and figure obtained which have not been grouped, related or evaluated in any way.  Information: Information consist of data which have been recorded organized classified  and processed into useful and meaningful form.  It is the output element of a data processing system.  QUALITIES OF A GOOD INFORMATION (i)   Accuracy (ii)  Timeliness (iii) Completeness (iv) Relevance (v)  Up to date (vi) Cost effectiveness  DATA PROCESSING STAGES (i)   Origination (ii)  Preparation/Sorting (iii) Input (iv) Processing (v)  Output (vi) Storage (vii)… Read More »INTRODUCTION TO DATA PROCESSING

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