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basic technology (Secondary School)


ELECTRIC CIRCUITS Electric circuit can be defined as the path provided for easy flow of electric current.  It is for conversion of the electric current into useful purposes such as lighting and heating.  Electric circuit is connected or fitted with devices that control and measure the current and energy used in the process. Simple electric circuit   BASIC COMPONENTS OF ELECTRIC CIRCUIT THE CELL OR BATTERY The cell or battery is to push the free electrons round the circuit.  The work done when one coulomb of charge moves from one point to the other in the conductor is known as potential difference (p.d).  It is measured in volt.  The instrument used for measuring the potential difference is called the voltmeter (v).The ammeter (A) is used to measure the current flow.  Current is represented by the symbol I and it is measured in Amperes.  The instrument used for measuring current is… Read More »BASIC COMPONENTS OF ELECTRIC CIRCUIT

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