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efforts of government in eradicating human trafficking

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GOVERNMENT AND INDIVIDUAL EFFORTS GEARED TOWARDS COMBATING HUMAN TRAFFICKING Establishment of NAPTIP in year 2003. Government pledged in 2009 to annually fund the activities and operations of NAPTIP with over 7 million dollars. Government sustained efforts to raise awareness on human trafficking in both rural and urban areas by organizing workshops, seminars and conferences. Also by distributing manuals, textbooks, pamphlets, etc. printed in different languages on human trafficking and ways of preventing it. Enactment of trafficking law and administration Act in 2003 that was amended in 2005 to increase penalties and punishment for traffickers and to prohibit human trafficking in all form. Government together with international partners provide specialized training to officials of NAPTIP, Police, Custom and Immigration on how to recognize, investigate and prosecute human traffickers. The move towards enacting a law to directly address the challenge of Human Trafficking in Nigeria started with a private member bill sent… Read More »COMBATING HUMAN TRAFFICKING

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