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Effects on the host



HUMAN DISEASES (PARASITIC DISEASES) Ascaris lumbricoides Ascaris lumbricoides lives in the intestines of a man or pig, feeding on the digested food of the host. The body of the worm is tapered at both ends. The female is longer than the male.   Mode of transmission The host eats food contaminated with the eggs, the embryo worms hatch out in the intestine. The embryo worms then bore into the blood vessels of the intestine. They are carried in the bloodstream to the heart and then into the lungs. As they travel through the bloodstream, they grow in size. After sometime, the worms are coughed out from the air passages and into the oesophagus. They are then swallowed, eventually finding their way into the intestines where they grow into mature worms.   Effects of Ascaris lumbricoides on the host The parasites feed on the host’s digested food. This results in malnutrition… Read More »HUMAN DISEASES (PARASITIC DISEASES)

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