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Effects of Environmental Problems

Social Studies


These are problems caused by nature and man within our surroundings. Environmental problems are of two types:- Natural environmental problems Man-made environmental problems   NATURAL ENVIRONMENTAL PROBLEMS Drought:- This refers to absence of rainfall over of period of time in a particular place. It has a great effect of plant’s life, animal life and human beings at large. Earth Quake:- This is a sudden, violent shaking of the earth’s surface as a result of a great release of energy in earth crust. Earthquake causes damage to  buildings and other infrastructures. Erosion:- It refers to the washing away or removal of the earth surface (Soil) through consistent flowing of water. Flooding:- This is a situation where a large value of water settles on dry land meant  for human transportation. Volcanic Eruption:- This is the eruption of lava, ashes and gases from the opening (cracks) in a hill or mountain. Global warming:-… Read More »ENVIRONMENTAL PROBLEMS | CAUSES, EFFECTS AND SOLUTIONS

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