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Effect or dangers of using radiation

Basic Science


Meaning of Radioactivity Radioactivity is the spontaneous disintegration or breaking down of the nucleus of an atom which makes it give out or emit radiation. Any element that disintegrates spontaneously and release rays us called a radioactive element   Discovery of Radioactivity Radioactivity was discovered by a French physicist called Henri Becquerel in 1896. He discovered that atoms of some elements gave out some kinds of ray which penetrated a thick black paper. He used uranium for his study. His discovery was confirmed by the couple, Merie and Pierre Curie.   Types of Radioactivity There are two types of radioactivity.  i. Natural radioactivity   ii. Artificial radioactivity. Natural radioactivity occurs on its own without man’s influence. Artificial radioactivity is caused by man’s activity.   Radioactive Elements Radioactive elements are elements that give out rays from the nuclei of their atoms. Natural radioactive elements include uranium, radium, plutonium, radon, thorium etc. Artificial… Read More »RADIOACTIVITY – MEANING, USES, TYPES, EFFECTS, DANGER & PROPERTIES

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