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Drug Trafficking

Social Studies

Drug trafficking

Drug trafficking refers to the illegal act of carrying or transporting hard drugs like cocaine, heroin, Indian heir and many others within or outside the comply. Reasons for drug trafficking Unemployment Bad company Poverty Greed Ignorance   Consequence of drug trafficking Life imprisonment: Those caught and convicted will have a life jail term Dents the Nations image whose citizens are known for drug trafficking are always avoided today many Nigerians face a lot of embarrassment while they travel abroad because drug barons have dented their image Increase crime rate: Most of those who takes hard drugs always engage in crimes like armed robbery, organism, violence, lusting and many others Brigs shame to the family: Those caught in drug trafficking always brigs disgrace and shame to their family people in the community will of avoiding them Untimely death: People who carries hard drugs by swallowing then dies suddenly   Prevention of… Read More »Drug trafficking

Social Studies


Drugs are substances or mixtures that are consumed for the prevention or cure of ailments. Trafficking is the movement of human or objects from one place to another. Drug trafficking is the illegal transportation of drugs from one place to another for economic gains. People who transport drugs from one place to another are called drug traffickers.   REASONS FOR DRUG TRAFFICKING Many people are engage in drug trafficking for the following reasons: Poverty: people get into drug trafficking business because they are poor and they want to get rich. It is an alternative measure against poverty. Greed: Many people have discovered that this illegal business is lucrative and they want to continue in it. They are not satisfied with what they have. They keep piling up wealth because they are greedy. Unemployment: The high rate of joblessness has compelled people to go into drug trafficking as a means of… Read More »DRUG TRAFFICKING

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