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basic technology (Secondary School)


METAL WORK- HAND TOOL –  CUTTING AND DRIVING TOOLS  CUTTING TOOLS Cutting tools are tools used for cutting materials by either sawing, filing, chiseling, scraping. Cutting tools include the following: Hacksaw Files Chisel Scraper   Hacksaw The hacksaw consists of two parts: the frame and the blade. It is used mainly for cutting metals in the metal workshop. We have (i) the adjustable hacksaw (accommodates different blades) (ii) tubular hacksaw (It has fixed frame) (iii) junior hacksaw (For cutting thin sheets) Files Files are used in forming metals to shape, by the principle of bit-by-bit removal. Files are used for finishing jobs to the required sizes and shapes, after they have been previously cut, using either a chisel or a hacksaw. Files are commonly made from high carbon steel (hardened and tempered). Their length, cross sectionals, shapes, grade, areas of cut and the nature of their cutting teeth, classifies files.… Read More »METAL WORK – HAND TOOL

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