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Drawing Materials

basic technology (Secondary School)


Technical drawing is a universal language used for communication among technological professionals. The professionals that use technical drawing are Architects, Engineers, surveyors, technicians, technologists, draughtsman, designers etc.   Professionals and students of technical drawing need the required instruments and materials to make good drawings because technical drawing involves the use of symbols, lines, measurements, etc. to represent ideas, knowledge, imagination (design) and information to others.   Drawing instruments: The drawing instruments necessary for technical drawing are the tools/equipment that makes drawing possible. The following are the necessary drawing instruments: Drawing board Tee-square Set of drawing instruments Set squares Protractor French curves Scale rules Metric rules Templates Sharpener Stencils   Drawing board: This is a wooden platform on which drawing paper is fixed in readiness for drawing. There are 2 types where are: Full imperial and half imperial. Half imperial drawing is the type of drawing board used by students. Tee… Read More »DRAWING INSTRUMENTS AND MATERIALS

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