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Oral method This is one of the oldest methods of transmitting information. It is the era of our great grandfathers when information was sent to people only through the use of the mouth. Drum beating Beating the drums was a simple method of information transmission across distances. Explorers, fearfully making their way through a jungle, would hear the drums pick up tempo and volume and that would tell them that they were in enemy territory. However, far from being a source of terror, the drums in the jungles of Africa and Asia were more equivalent of local news. Fire lighting Lighting fire has been used as a method of information transmission since the Trojan War; Bonfires were lit in succession, in a line, on hilltops, to send smoke signals in order to alert one another of an approaching enemy. But such methods were only capable of conveying very limited prearranged… Read More »ANCIENT METHODS OF TRANSMITTING INFORMATION

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