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STRUCTURE OF A FRUIT A fruit is a matured fertilized ovary of a flower containing one or more seeds. Contrary to this, some plants do not undergo fertilization for the formation of their fruit. Such fruits are called parthenocarpic fruits e.g. banana and pineapple. Such fruits are seedless. A typical fruit has the following parts The fruit wall called pericarp which is made up of three layers from the inside to the outside (epicarp, mesocarp and endocarp). The seed or seeds The fruit stalk-the point of attraction between the fruit to the plant.   EVALUATION What is a fruit? Describe the structure of a typical fruit   TYPES OF FRUITS Fruits are classified based on their origin or structure. Common ways of classifying fruits are True and false fruits Simple, aggregate and composite fruits Fleshy and dry fruits Dehiscent and indehiscent fruits   True and false fruit A true fruit… Read More »FRUIT

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