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Civic Education


Discipline is the ability to behave and worn is a strict standard and controlled form which involves obeying particular rules or pattern of behaviour even in a difficult situation. It is the attitude of doing the right thing at the right time. Peace and harmony prevails in societies when the citizens are disciplined.   ATTRIBUTES OF DISCIPLINE SELF – CONTROL: this is deliberately avoiding abnormal behaviour that can embarrass you and others e.g. avoiding the urge to fight in public or exchange of abusive word with a colleague. Someone without self-control can engage in drug trafficking to meet a need. MODESTY: it is sympathy in all things people want to throw the bigger party, ride the best car when it is not necessary. Extravagant life style has made lot of leaders and civil servants engage in corrupt practices. RESPECT FOR RULES AND REGULATIONS: A disciplined person pay his tax regularly,… Read More »DISCIPLINE

Catering, Home economics, Home management


Home Science/Home Economies/Catering/Food & Nutrition is an applied multi-disciplinary science which aims at improving the quality of life and well-being of an individual, family and community. Maternal child care  Home care  Textiles  Clothing  Health education  Consumer education   MATERNAL CHILD CARE It deals with child development from conception to childhood with special attention to the physical, emotional and social development of the child. HOME CARE It takes care of the individual, the home and the environment through planning, organizing and using available resources efficiently.  Tidy Room  Untidy Room  Textiles  It is the study of fibres which are made into fabrics.   A TEXTILE INDUSTRY Clothing It deals with clothing construction and maintenance. HEALTH EDUCATION It promotes health by changing people’s behaviour, attitude and practices. This is done through personal hygiene, environmental hygiene and care of the sick at home. A person washing hands after visiting the toilet   Consumer Education… Read More »DISCIPLINES IN HOME SCIENCE/HOME ECONOMICS/CATERING/FOOD & NUTRITION/HOME MANAGEMENT

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