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Disadvantages of Technology

basic technology (Secondary School)


TECHNOLOGY CONCEPT – UNDERSTANDING TECHNOLOGY    What is Technology? Technology is the systematic application of scientific or organized knowledge for the use of mankind. Science and Technology are closely related. Science is a system of acquiring knowledge through research. Technology is the application of scientific result and knowledge to solve life’s problem.   Benefits of Technology Technology helps man to provide his needs Technology provide machines that make work faster, easier and neater for man. Technology creates job for man Technology helps man to capture his environment Technology creates global networking through internet. It provides standard health care facilities It enhances development in all areas of life. It saves time It saves energy It makes the means of communication faster and easier It reduces wastage It makes transportation faster and comfortable.   Types of Technology Developed technology/modern technology Underdeveloped technology/indigenous technology or traditional technology Developed Technology: It is the use… Read More »TECHNOLOGY CONCEPT – UNDERSTANDING TECHNOLOGY

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