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Agricultural Science


FARM MECHANIZATION (TRACTORIZATION) Mechanization refers to the application of engineering principles and technology in agricultural production. It is the use of machines such as tractors, ploughs, harvesters, harrow, planter etc as well as the use of farm inputs such as insecticides, improved seeds, fertilizer etc.   The objective of mechanization is to: reduce human labour (that is to reduce drudgery) increase efficiency save cost (on the long run) save time improve standard of living by improving quality and quantity of produce available.   ADVANTAGES OF FARM MECHANIZATION It ensures that farm operations are done and completed within a shortest possible time It saves labour that could otherwise be useful elsewhere. It reduces health hazards and accidents that can occur from using tools. It reduces drudgery. It encourages large scale farming hence increasing output. It promotes specialization of labour for example machines operators become specialists in the machines they handle. It… Read More »FARM MECHANIZATION

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