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Digestion of food in livestock

Agricultural Science


What is Livestock Digestion?. Livestock Digestion is the process through which food is broken down into small particles in the alimentary canal ready for absorption into the blood stream. Digestion of food in livestock takes place in three stages; Mechanical breakdown and chewing Microbial breakdown by bacteria and protozoa in the rumen of ruminants Chemical breakdown by enzymes.   Digestive system of a Ruminant Rumen: Breakdown of food by micro-organisms and also stores food. Synthesis of vitamin B-complex. Synthesis of amino acids from ammonia gas. Proteins are broken to peptides and amino acids. Carbohydrates are broken to volatile fatty acids. Reticulum: Separates large food particles from the small particles. Retains foreign materials such as stones, hard wood and sand. Omasum: Breaks up food by grinding. Reduction of water content from the feed stuff. Abomasum: Enzymatic digestion takes place here .. Contains some microbes which digest cellulose. Breaks up food by… Read More »LIVESTOCK DIGESTIVE SYSTEMS – BETTER EXPLAINATION

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